Winnipeg’s Premier Doggy Daycamp, Grooming Salon, Hotel & Dog Training Academy

The Pawsh Dog has it all.

He is pampered from head to tail with the finest grooming products on the market, knows the best tricks on the block, and always has the latest toy.

He roams the dog parks with confidence that his hair-do is up to date, and that his duds are the envy of the neighbourhood. He is polite, and well mannered. A tribute to the gentle dog training and attention of his owner.

He attends star-studded doggy events, keeps regular play-dates, and lunches with the friends he met back at doggy daycamp.

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We love bringing our dog to Pawsh. Everyone is so kind and seems to love having our dog for daycamp, grooming or staying for a few days…

I trust The Pawsh Dog. We have been to the Taylor location since it opened. Thanks for all your care of our beloved pet!

-Happy Client

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