Pawsh Academy

  The Pawsh Dog has a full range of classes to fit your specific training needs. Payment is required to hold your spot in class.

  Participation is limited to 8 dogs per class. All classes are $115.00. Please call 204-261-9059 or email to register.

Puppy Kindergarten


Build your puppy's confidence and form a healthy attitude through socialization games and basic manners from the moment you bring him home. Learn how to develop a leadership lifestyle from the very start! Proper care, housebreaking, solving problem behaviors, and basic commands are all taught.  Puppies should start as soon as possible after they receive their second set of shots! All classes are taught in a module format, making it possible to start any week!


Grade One Obedience


An introductory course designed to develop a leadership lifestyle, dealing with problem behaviours, how to properly examine your dog, and improving your relationship with your dog in a fun class environment. Basic commands like sit, down, stay, come, loose lead walking, leave it, on/off, heeling, and standing are taught. Your dog will learn how to properly greet people, work under external distractions, and practice impulse control. Door games and recalls are introduced and as well as a few tricks.

Grade Two Obedience


This class is for graduates of Grade One Obedience. It is designed to expand previously developed skills an dadd new behaviors that will benefit your dog in day to day life. It is more advanced than Grade One Obedience and requires knowledge of basic commands. Austomatic sits,automatic heeling, more challenging recalls, controlled walking, "watch me", and accepting praise is taught. Off-lead work, working under distractions, and retrieving are focused on.

Grade Three Obedience


This class is designed for graduates of Grade 2 Obedience. Designed to proof basic obedience and life skills in challenging environments. Based on the Canadian Kennel Club's Canine Good Neighbor program, you will receive a CGN handbook on week one, training by a CKC accreditied instructor and evaluator, and Week 6 will be comprised of a registered CGN test so you have a chance to earn a formal title for your pre-bred or cross-bred pooch!


This course is sure to build your dog's confidence and enhance your communication and bonding. Introduce your dog to a variety of new agility obstacles, jumps, and experiences! Then, relax with some canine massage, socialization games, and confidence building exercises.

Level One - Must complete Grade 1 Obedience

Level Two​ - Must complete Pet L1

Level Three - Must complete Pet L2



This course is designed for those who desire an effortless activity that is fun and games. It is not simple or easy, but challenges you and your dog in a partnership that improves heeling and teamwork.

Beginner​ - Must complete Grade 1 Obedience

Advanced - Must complete Beginner Rally-O

Competition Obedience


Advance your training or prepare to compete. Pre-novice through utility training under the tutilage of our award winning instructors. Additional times will be added based on interest.


Conformation Handling


Getting your show dog ready to hit the ring? Drop-in for some mat time
and personalized instruction. Our capable instructors have competed in all levels of competition, winning Best in Show awards during their careers as professional handlers. Drop-In cost is $15 plus GST.

Mondays at 7:00pm with Carol O'Callaghan - Taylor

Private Training Sessions


One-on-one counseling with you and your dog. Great for solving specific problem behaviors or dealing with very difficult dogs that need more help than a class can provide. At your home or in our facility.

30 minute private training session ....................................

45 minute private training session ....................................

45 minute consult and two 30 minute sessions ..............


*prices do not include GST








Rally-X is done using the Fit Paws equipment. It is a course you and your dog go thru with various stations. Each station has your dog working on a different piece of Fit Paws equipment. Benefits include increased core strength (for increased performance and injury prevention), targeting and improving weaker areas on your dog, and increased range of motion in joints and elongation of the muscles. Your dog will come out of Rally-X with better control, balance, flexibility, muscle strength, coordination and body awareness. Rally-X is a great class for any dog involved in sport (i.e.. Agility, flyball, dock dogs, etc), as well as any family dog looking to improve overall health. Rally-X is also a great class for any dog seeking help with weight loss.