Go Beyond Traditional Dog Boarding

When you can’t take your dog with you, she will love sleeping over at The Pawsh Dog! She will spend her days playing in daycamp with her friends and will go for at least 4 walks per day. It’s a great way to exercise and socialize your dog.

As for an older dog that is not up for romping around with the more active dogs she is more than welcome to gaze out our front window in a calmer environment and just relax and enjoy her vacation with no pressure to keep up with the others.

The Pawsh Hotel is unlike regular boarding kennels. Our guests are free to socialize in daycamp, or snuggle up in privacy at their leisure. Each Pawsh guest receives their own comfy suite with blankets and a pillow once its time for bed. You are also more than welcome to bring your pets own night time gear to make him/her feel more at home.

Early drop off? Late pick up

Our attentive daycare staff are on hand 24 hours a day to accomodate any drop off or pick up time and to make sure your dog’s every need is met.



Save 10% on stays longer than 1 week.

Guests staying over 3 days or more receive a complimentary Bath & Tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our services at The Pawsh Dog. To help keep you informed, we’ve put together a handy guide containing our most frequently asked questions from each department.

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