Rally Obedience is a challenging new dog sport that requires effortless teamwork between you and your dog as you master various obedience challenges and heeling exercises.

It offers an opportunity to showcase teamwork between you and your dog through a series of exercises. Teams follow a course of signs in a ring which indicate an obedience routine based on their skill level. For graduates of the grade one obedience program.

Rally Obedience

Dog and handler use directional signs to go through a numbered course incorporating over 40 obedience movements such as sits, turns, pace changes, sit-stay and elements of recall. It also requires the dog and handler to maintian a quick pace and positive attitude under a given time limit.

Rally Obedience is a program for all dogs and their owners but is perfect for those who desire an activity with their best friend that is pure fun and games.

We’re pleased to welcome Debra Robertson to our team of academy trainers. For a limited time, we’re offering our Rally Obedience classes in a convenient drop-in format.

Intro to Rally Obedience: This class is for inexperienced students entering the world of rally.  Each week will introduce 3-5 rally signs in depth, and provide coaching and practice to students on these signs.

Novice Rally Obedience: Once you have learned the signs, you will start to link the signs together in sequences as you prepare to enter your novice rally trials.

Advanced: Add new signs and harder sequences to your tool-kit as you prepare for rally-advanced competition.

Competition Obedience

Getting ready to compete?  Drop in for some proofing, heeling, drills, stays, and personalized instruction.  Our capable instructors have competed in all levels of competitive obedience completing difficult advanced titles and winning many High in Trial awards along the way.

Hi Debra, I just wanted to thank you for the rally class. I should have taken a class before this, but better late than never. I appreciate your experience, patience (those darn signs) and demonstrations. You are a great instructor. It makes the long drive worthwhile. Thanks.


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Intro to Rally Obedience

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Novice Rally Obedience

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Fall Schedule Pending

Competition Obedience

Drop In: Tuesdays at 7:00pm with Debra Robertson @ 1580 Taylor

Private sessions with Debra or Julie available on request.

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