Our year-round dog obedience classes in Winnipeg focus on positive-reinforcement based training methods.

According to the CVMA standards, all of our trainers use and promote scientifically proven positive reinforcement methods. We teach effective problem solving through behavior modification, positive learning, and confidence building.

Meet Our Dog Training Instructors

Lorna Muir

Julie Skuba

Debra Robertson

As a mentor school for the Animal Behavior College, we’re also helping to develop the next generation of trainers. Our trainers bring vast knowledge, years of experience, and up to date methods and theories of dog behavior and training. With over 100 years of combined experience, you and your pooch will have the best support team in town to help you raise the dog of your dreams.

For Puppies

If your dog is younger than 16 weeks, why not get a head start? We have puppy classes and activities to help them socialize and learn their manners.

Go everywhere. See everything.

Buy a Puppy Passport package and receive Puppy Kindergarten, free entry to Puppy Playtime and a lot more…

Grade School

If you’re looking for dog obedience classes in Winnipeg, let our experienced dog training instructors help you and your dog develop a great relationship. Our positive reinforcement methods will increase confidence and motivation while teaching your dog basic obedience exercises and some other nifty stuff.
For dogs over 16 weeks of age.

Graduate With Honours

Our most popular package. Complete training from a young puppy, to a confident adult dog.

Save by enrolling in the Diploma Program and receive the entire set of grade school courses along with CKC certification…

Extra Curricular

Love learning with your dog? Our dog training in Winnipeg goes beyond the basics. From private tutoring to fun and exciting…

Get ahead of the class

One-on-one private training sessions with you and your dog.

Puppy Playtime
Fridays & Sundays

Welcome to our weekly supervised Puppy Playtime. This is a great chance for your puppy to learn to play and communicate with other puppies in a safe environment. And hey, It’s fun for the parents too!

Advanced Academics

Explore the exciting world of competitive showing and handling. Whether you’re an advanced handler needing some mat time, or a beginner who’s just getting into it, our experienced instructors are there for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our services at The Pawsh Dog. To help keep you informed, we’ve put together a handy guide containing our most frequently asked questions from each department.